The Publishing Group Deluxe stands for limitless luxury and lifestyle at the highest level. The high-quality magazine focuses specifically on a target group that has an exceptional affinity with luxury.

The successful concept of the individual Deluxe Magazines undertakes to present current themes in the fields fashion & lifestyle, beauty & trends, travel & indulgence and art & design to the highest standards for extremely demanding readers. The magazines are released one to four times a year and are dedicated exclusively to the up-market lifestyle. All publications of the Publishing Group Deluxe are released in the language of the relevant country, in English and in Russian or Mandarin Chinese, too. The magazines offer an exquisite platform for business and high-quality leisure activities and lifestyle in hot spots around the world.

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As a successful media business, we have set ourselves the goal of communicating with an extremely exclusive and demanding target group – Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. Through direct sales at the best locations, we attract expats, tourists or domestic seekers of luxury wherever they happen to be and we speak to them in their own language. This is how we secure the attention of our advertising customers‘ target group – both nationally and internationally.

Sales and distribution by means of top partners from upmarket hotels and restaurants, exclusive city centre stores, art galleries and auction houses, private jets, airport VIP lounges and the general aviation centre allows us to have direct communication with this target group which has an exceptional affinity with luxury. Our channels of distribution are not just national, but international and contribute to the magazines‘ success. Some Deluxe Magazines are also available from select magazine retailers.